Monday, January 16, 2012

Update 1-15-12

Well, things have been a little slow in the workshop as of late. Many little things to do and trying to spend some time getting into shape. So its all cutting into my workshop time. And the xmas holiday was a little less productive than I had hoped. But we soldier on.

I got this bit of wonderfulness in the mail last week:

A nice hefty box of Khurusan goodness.

I have been looking for monsters and such to fill in my collection for the 15mm  Dungeon project, and low and behold, Jon had a whole slew of things I had either forgotten about, or he had added and not told anyone(which he does from time to time).

So my lovely package contained a great littel collection of undead:

And a nice selection of things that live in the creepy crawly depths of the earth:

All of these will go great with the Dungeon project. Great figs as usual Jon!

So I have been thinking of how to game the Dungeon(nothing like building an entire project without a game in mind). I have several thoughts. There was an old PC game called Dugeon Keeper that had the player running the dungeon, and the adventurers were the enemy, trying to invade and you had to stop them. So thinking on that. We (the Basement Generals) have multi player games (6-8) each time, so its kinda like running a mini convention game each week. I was trying to come up with a version that was competitive, and that had players playing both good and evil sides. More on that as it develops. I can always do a simple dungeon crawl, ala Warhammer Quest, with random layout, loot mnd monster decks. And that is the simplest easiest solution. And one me and the boys could do together.  

I also couldn't resist the Post Apoc line. I picked up a few of the original selection, but now I am all in:

I added a few things from the Sci Fi lines and man what a great start in Post Apoc. I am burried in the stuff in 28mm as you have all seen, but I really like the thought of painting and playing on a 2x2 board. The scenery possibilities are almost endless. And the homage he is playing to Fallout the video game( a personal favorite of mine) in the characters, the supermutants, the crabman, etc. is fantastic.

I think these will definately be based as singles, and we will use Fistful of Lead:Warriors of the Wasteland. Since each pack is essentially a premade gang, its really easy to see it come out that way. I'm pumped. For me the Apocalypse is always a breath of fresh air(stale and rotten and full of rads) that gets me going.


I have gotten a few things painted. I will get some pics tomorrow. A nice grab bag of giant bats, giant rats, rat swarms, old school long nosed trolls, minotaurs, brown bears, and lizards and slamanders for the 15mm dungeon. And exploring some old techniques for me. White primer, all inks. Mixed results. Pics tomorrow.

Game More!!!

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Brummie said...

Looking good can't wait to see your versions done and hopefully a game report