Monday, June 27, 2011

I go away for a week...

I go away for a week and I come back and find out that Jon at Khurasan Miniatures is shutting down for a while for personal reasons. Man, with GZG going dark to get the new webstore up and running and Mark at Dropship Horizon leaving, and now Jon, it's been a bit pf a bumpy ride for 15 mm Scifi this year. But with anything great, I hope it's just growing pains of a burgeoning genre.

I put in a bits and pieces order with Jon the day before he made the announcement, so I hope it will get processed, and I wish him well. It would be nice to get the order so I can use them for Blasters and bulkheads.

This doesn't temper the Black Powder or Hail Caesar goodness either. There's plenty of the Lead Addict to go around.

And on another note, my favorite 15mm fantasy is being rereleased. Demonworld was bought by Ral Partha Europe. And the first wave was announced today! My beloved orcs. Now the rest of the world can get a chance at these beautiful figs.

(edited:clarified that GZG went dark just for the new web store reboot)


commissarmoody said...

Wait! Whats this about GZGs going dark?

ken said...

No. When GZG closed for the extended time earlier this year for a reboot of the web store and to get stock back up. Jon at GZG is up and running and going great guns. So since Khurasan is out for a while go there and Micropanzer and Rebel for some 15mm Scifi goodness.

ken said...

And don't forget Critical Mass Games.