Friday, June 17, 2011

A new project.

We have been play testing the Black Powder Rules, and soon Hail Caesar. I really like the rules and the spirit of them. I am really lucky that I have 2 groups of gamers who seem to have hit on them at the same time. and they both can play them for the spirit of the game they represent and not be gamey. Lucky Me!

So after a successful week of playing them, we want to stay in the period, but play another set we love but hadn't played yet. Commands and Colors Napoleonics. We love C&C Ancients and BAttle Lore. You have seen my fantasy armies for the system, but we hadn't played the NApoleonics version yet, so I brought my stuff and 15mm figs to the BAron's new Castle and had a game.

It was fun, 3 generals on each side. We played Vimiero out of the scenario book. A rough go for the BRits if they don't concentrate fire and whittle down the French attack columns. It was fun, and over in 2 1/2 hours. My kinda game.

But while prepping for the game, I decided I hated the basing my collection was on. It served no purpose for me any longer. It was for Age of Eagles, which I have abandoned as a game I want to play anymore. 3/4" x 1" stands with four guys. six stands a unit. Too small, too few figs, and barely a third of any of my painted armies ever got to the table. So I have a new project...the worst thing in wargamming...REBASING!

I hate it, but since my philosphy about what I find fun in a wargame has changed so much in the last 10 years, its time for a change.

Here they are. 6 stand units to go with Black Powder Standard Units, or they can be used for C&C Napoleonics, since base size is irrelevant. Or even in better looking Age of Eagles game, if I were so inclined.(I'm not).

I did a test on the Brits. 6 stands. Each stand is 25mm x 50mm. Same size as my C&C Fantasy mounting. Cav is 6 Stands for Lt. Cav(2 to a stand), 4 Stands for Hvy Cav(3 per stand), on a 50mm x 50mm stand, and Cannon are 1 cannon and Crew on a 50mm x 50mm stand. I think it looks pretty good. Dense and easy to see as a mass of men on the field. I also get to do what I have always wanted to. Have infantry commanders, moounted, with their units, like The Grand Manner. And for the BRits, I get to finally have the room for the Kings Colour and the Regimental Colour on the same stand.

Infantry Unit

Infantry Unit with Artillery Support

Gamers View

Lt Cav Unit

Down the Line
I will do this as time allows. I am going to finish the construction of my foam dungeons and do some doors. Finish the HiMobility 15mm guys. Then maybe the WWWII stuff thats's on the table, or the rebasing effort.

Also looming, playing Pike and Shot with Black Powder. I  have 12 units of infantryand 1 cav painted. The Baron has some as well. I need some more infantry, cav and cannon, all of which are sitting in a box, rady to paint. Its a golden age for the game, truly.


Essjam said...

You're a brave man to start all that rebasing. The thing that drives me nuts is getting the figs off the old stands. 15mm horse legs can be pretty delicate.

Once again a C&C game came right down to the wire. I really like the rules. See ya

ken said...

Not brave. Just stupid.

Bill said...

Only problem I can see is that with 6 stands each at 50 mm, you have a battalion covering about a foot of frontage. That won't allow very big battles on Jaye's table.

ken said...

It may force some tactics like reinforced lines, and reserves!