Monday, June 13, 2011

Sneak Peek

OK so gamer ADD and eye candy always seems to make me change dirrection.

This post and a few others at this great blog got me interested in doing some cheap tile terrain. So, I put the WWWII guys and the GZG Hi-Mobility force to the side and dove right into the dungeon time making.

So I had stacks of 3" mdf bases from an old project lying around. and I had pink foam. A quick visit to Home Depot at lunch to get the cheapest sheet tile I could, and Voila. Dungeon tiles for $.20 a tile.

I did 40 in the last week. Tiles are 14 tiles/foot. cheap glass tiles. Perfect for 15mm, which I have tons of. Its portable and compact and I can really do some great thematic stuff with it. So It should be fun. About 2 dozen more tiles should finish the construction of the first batch. Should be good for some dungeon bashing with the kids. OR the Generals.

Overall tiles so far. 36 3" tiles and a large 6" tile room.
Blow up of the materials.

Scale shot with some Demonworld 15mm fantasy figs(yeah they are avalable again)

Broken out tile examples
Single corridor tile.

All the walls are hand carved with a very sharp xacto #11. I have gone through 3 blades so far. Alene's tacky glue for adhesive. Best glue for terrain ever.

I will be doing some 6" tile for rooms and themes. Painting is next. I will hand paint the tiles black first, then decide on the overall color of the dungeon (probably traditional grey or brown, then do colored theme rooms, tile color patterns, etc. All in all a nice and productive diversion.

and speaking of diversions...

We are now dabbling with Black Powder, and soon Hail Caesar! The BAsement Genrals play a SYW game on thursday of Black Powder (enjoyed it a lot) then played it again Saturday witha different group with 15mm Civil War. Played great both times. VEry fun. Its quick, decisive,a nd requires you to think a little different from other games. I have realy enjoyed it. So I ordered the rules. Hopefully here soon.

May start painting Nappies again. Sure would be nice to get Phase II done. And would like to play Hail Caesar with Late Romans/Arthurians I think. and Rome is always fun. We'll see...


BaronVonJ said...

And you make fun of my painting table for its diversity.

ken said...

I only have 4 projects on my paint table at the current time:

1.15mm Foam Dungeon
2.15mm Sci Fi Armor
3.WWWII Power Armor and Walkers
4.28mm Post Apoc gangers

MurdocK said...

for the dungeon tiles may I recommend using a latex house paint.

Put on a thick layer of charcoal (not black) then pulling or nearly drybrush on the top coat of light grey or medium grey and a lighter gray top coat.

Taking care to miss the deeper crevasses in the stone shapes.

You get a good layer to protect the foam from damage and get basic good color effects in one go.

I did the same thing for 25mm minis and sold or gave them all away over the last year.

ken said...

That is my intent. But I might go dark brown to tan. Grey dungeons are the norm. Might be nice to have a change of pace. Great thing is, I can do both at that cost and time commitment.

Spacejacker said...

Amazing! That's really great work. I am expanding my collection on 9 tiles already. One fancy tile per evening is a snap and before you know it the options are staggering.

Great blog, will be following with interest!