Friday, July 1, 2011

What's on the table?

Just a quick couple of thoughts about what's on the table at the moment.

I spent a couple of evenings, while watching Game of Thrones (AWESOME) on the ipad, cleaning, snipping tabs and basing and gluing shields on my next batch of spearmen for my Medieval Fantasy Warbands. I had enough old Bretonninans to cobble together 4 units of 6 of spear. One for the Kings Hunt Master Sir Vorgal Gullfold, and the rest for the service of the King.

So we will have, when complete, 5 Lords in the Kings service, plus the King. Each will have from 4-8 units of accompanying units of spear, bow, halberds, light horse, hvy horse, men at arms, hunters. I have about half fully complete. Including full retinues of 2 Lords, plus the other Lords themselves and the King. Also including,  Kings Champion (GW green knight), a couple of other characters, mounted mage, lady, and sorceress. Mostly have the fill in troops to finish.

These will be opposed by a joint skirmish force of Sylvan Elves and Sea Elves (GW Wood Elves and High Elves) and the Great Ravening Hordes from the North (old GW Chaos Marauders, Chaos Knights, and maybe some beastmen thrown in). And of course a campaign would be great. We'll see if we ever get there. First off, finish the Humans.

I have taken my GZG Hi-Mobility and Grav Sled forces off the table and placed them in their boxes. Lost the bug for now on painting armor, but they are ready to go when I am.

I have been staring at my old GW confrontation figs lined up on the table for a while. So they may be getting some love this holiday weekend.

Also picked through my 15mm Fantasy and got a nice selection of heroes, adventurers, and monsters for my 15mm dungeon project. Got about half the monsters on paint sticks ready to go. They should be getting love this wekend too. Skeletons, wights, orcs, minotaurs, ogres, spiders, cultists, goblins, giant lizards and vermin. Fun.

And as a great surprise, I got my box from Khurasan. The whole Post Apoc line, the Sepulvidan Resisatnce fighters for Post Apoc,  and some odds and ends characters for Blasters and Bulkheads. Which...

...We played at the Barons Castle last night with the rest of the Generals. Great fun was had by all. Its gonna be a fun set of rules. Needs some tweaking on some things. But overall a good time. 

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