Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick Update

I'm gonna start calling myself the lazy photographer. I never have my phone or camera when I want to take pics of my minis. So another pic-less post. Sorry folks.

Well after the last few months of cranking on 15mm Fantasy, I need a break. I added 8 new Orc units to the mix last month, so its time to think bigger.

I dusted off my Spanish Nappies and in one night got about 90% done with my Numancia Dragoon unit. So faces, bicorns and carbines and I should be done. I have a militia and line unit to do, plus some odds and ends.

Then the big question is: What next? Post Apoc(which unless its the Gamma World Bizzaro Post Apoc, I'm out.I ain't living The Road). Or maybe some of the Necormunda Gangs that have been sitting lonely for a very long time. And of course, there's always The French Nappies. I need to finish the Spanish and then we will see.

Happy brushing. And get playing!

Lead Addict.

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