Monday, June 17, 2013

The Uplifted Army of the Aquan League

Uplift -The development or transformation of animals into an intelligent race by other, already-intelligent beings.

On a planet of oceans, deep water lakes, wide coastal estuaries, and swamps, a hyper intelligent species came with 'The Gift'. The Others brought their gift and left untold millennia ago, leaving only their arcane temples and the modified genetic code for the Uplifted.

The Uplifted races of the Aquan League number fifteen. While the enigmatic Whales and Great Jellies dominate the thought, planning, and balance of the planet, the warrior species of the Karks, the Lamphreys, and the Orcind, dominate the armies of the league and the off-planet space navies and gunboat diplomacy that seems to dominate the League's actions. It is the warrior races that most who have encountered the league have seen, and cowered under their wrath.


Having finished the Numancia Dragoons, I need a change of pace. 15mm sci fi should fit the bill. First up, the the life aquatic of the Aquan League. A confederation of Uplifted aquatic species, the League has fifteen uplifted aquatic species with a highly regimented caste system. Whales and Great Jellies are the big thinkers, Karks, Lamphreys, and Orca are the warriors. Other species fill in other societal roles. I spent my would be painting time this weekend scraping, assembling, and getting on paint sticks the various troops of my Aquan forces.

I have the Khurasan Karks, Lamphreys and Orca ready to go. I have crab walkers, and manta drones and spider drones from GZG, and the one eyed fat suit guys from Micropanzer, as well as a couple of Micropanzer's old 32mm line that will be used as Mechs. Still not sure of the vehicles yet. Nothing has really struck me, but I have a bunch of options. So expect to see some 5mm SciFi for Gruntz coming soon.

Karks from Khurusan(pic from their website)

Lamphreys by Khurusan(pic from their website)

Orca from Khurusan(pic from their website)

Little fat dudes from Micropanzer(I call them water ticks)

Old battle walkers from Micropanzer that I think are owned by Rebel now. The version with claws looks great, but man what a pain these and the other walkers are to put together. 15mm figs come up to their knee.

Happy painting.


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