Monday, June 24, 2013

Quick Update - I'm a victim of my own pics - 6-24-13

So I posted those pics of the Spanish and I thought, man I'm really not in too bad of  shape with the French. I have 5 Infantry Units and 2 Cannon. That's a big Division. Just need two more for a game. So I started pulling fig boxes out and on sunday evening, I got 3 cav units (Cuirassier, Dragoon, and Chasseur) cleaned and built and mounted on paint sticks, and got 8 cannons and crew cleaned and prepped for building, and started building infantry units. I have 2 Inf antry units on sticks, and a bunch more to sort.

Not using HaT 1/72 minis, but this pic painting is spectacular

So I think I may be painting some french cannon and cav to go with the infantry I have completed. Put, I think I will be painting a unit of Infantry first to bring me up to 6 Infantry Units.

Based on the Barons comments, if I can get a couple of infantry units, the three cav units and a couple of Cannon, we could do Joseph's Kingdom of Spain Allied with French versus British.

It would line out like this I think.

Joseph I Spanish:
3 Line Infantry
1 Militia Infantry
1 Converged Grenadier Infantry
2 Foot Cannon
1 Dragoon

4 Line Infantry
2 Legere Infantry
4 Foot Cannon
1 Curiassier
1 Dragoon
1 Chasseur


6 Line Infantry
4 Light Infantry
4 Foot Cannon
2 Horse Cannon
1 Dragoon
1 Hussar
1 Lt. Dragoon

That would be 19 British units Vs 21 French allied Units. Based upon quality would probably be a good game. BRits would be 3-4 Divisions, French 3-4 Divisions.

At full build out, The Allied British/Spanish Army includes 9 more British Units (3 Cav, 2 Highland, 1 KGL Inf, 3 Cannon), and 5 more Spanish Units(1 Cav, 1 Inf, 1Militia, 2 Cannon), and the French is a total of 18 Infantry 10 Cannon, and 6 Cav.

Lots to go. About 1/2 way there.

My original Army Workup for the French. It has expanded by 50%.
And just a little insight. I have never painted 1 French Napoleonic Uniform. I have never been on the French side of the lottery when picking armies for painting Nappies. I always got someone else. I have Painted the Brits a couple of times now and truly love that army. But I have never gotten the chance to paint them. So I am looking forward to getting to know the uniform and how to paint it. I also have never had the chance to paint the French Cav, so that should be a real treat. Can you imagine, a Nappy enthusiast never painting a Cuirassier uniform? Or an Old Guardsman?

Thank you Angus, I get to stare at your beautiful work as reference.

Maybe its time to start.

Pics when there is progress.

Happy Brushing!

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