Thursday, May 30, 2013

The First Battle for the Valley of the Evening Sun - Hail Caesar Fantasy! Style

The Chronicle of the War for the Valley of the Evening Sun

a telling of the tales of the great War for the Valley of the Evening Sun by his Majesty's humble servent and scribe Ulric Schutzen.

In yr 34 of the glorious reign of His Holiness, Lars von Drachensohn, Commander of the Sun, Lord Protector of the Valleys, Master of the Sky, and Guardian of the People, an accord was struck with the Ancient Kingdom of Sylvan Elves known as the Endless Boughs. In the Valley of the Evening Sun, where the frontier forts and farms of the Glorious Empire of Man and the great edges of the towering forests of Sylhal Le Faen meet at the great Glittering River, a border was set. A great wide and beautiful bridge was built. And peace settled into the valley.

Lars von Drachensohn and the Empire of Man 

Sylvan Elves of Sylhal Le Faen (The Endless Boughs)
Until a dwarven messenger party from the Holds of Korag Dorn rode their exhausted sqautty ponies into the Valley to warn of the loss of the Holds and of the approaching horde of the Orc Warlord UR Huk Masul, tranquil peace was a way of life for the inhabitants of the Valley of the Evening Sun.
The Great War Banner of UR Huk Masul
Surging from the Unending See, the grassed barren steppe lands east of the Peaks of Dorn, the gathered hordes of UR Huk Masul broke like waves crashing on the shore at the foot of the Great Dwarven Holds of Korag Dorn. But through cunning, treachery and the promise of vast treasure from the deep vaults of the dwarven kingdom to the hill and stone giants of Dorn, the Warmass of UR Huk Masul flooded the holds, and temples, and vaults of Korag Dorn. And with the dam breaking in the east, the Warhorde was going to flood into the Valley of the Evening Sun. 

The Humans and Sylvan Elves met on the Bridge of Promise and quickly dispatched riders to warn their respective kings of the approaching doom. The local Warlords and Glade Keepers began the assemblage of their warriors. Man and Sylvan Elf would unite and fight the first battle of The Valley of the Evening Sun at the foot of the Dorns. In a place known to the Humans as Grobschanze (Long Hill).


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