Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spanish Napoleonics - Pics

Well finally, some pics for you kind readers.Been a while.

Quick set up of Spanish village buildings a too-blue background and poor lighting and you have a patented Lead Addict photoshoot!

Spanish division where it stands now. 1 Dragoon Unit, 2 Foot Cannon, 1 Provincial Militia Unit, and 3 Infantry Units. All Front Rank. I have another Dragoon unit on paint sticks, another infantry unit, 2 stands of grenadiers for a converged gren unit, 2 cannon, command, casualty counters and another militia unit to wrap it up. I also have the guerillas as well, but they will be mounted on singles for skirmishing. Need to do bases and flags, but this is a nice start for a Spanish Division to bolster the British Army for Black Powder.


Bill said...

Really nice. I love the dragoons.

BaronVonJ said...

play yes? Soon?

Lead Addict said...

I guess we could do a small game with these as the Imperial Spanish allied with Napoleon and the French against the Brits. Still not enough French.

thanks Bill.

Lead Addict said...
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