Thursday, April 18, 2013

Update 4-18-13 - 15mm Demonworld Empire Army


With all the rainy weather here in the midwest, I actually had time to finish my Heavy Infantry Lords last night. They are the last infantry unit I will be doing for the Empire for a while. I still have a blister of Archers and Footsoldiers, and would like to get one more of Pikes, but for now, the Empire Infantry is complete. 23 total foot units. Which is larger than either my entire Orc or Wood Elf Army.

Next Up, these lovely units, all primed and ready on sticks for painting(all pics from Ral Partha Europe Webpage):

4120 Masters of the Order (16) - Click Image to Close

4123 Horse Archers (20) - Click Image to Close

4110 Noble Mounted Lancers (20) - Click Image to Close

I have been coveting these couple of blisters too, so I think I will pick up a Pike blister, plus these:

4121 Altar of the Purifying Flame - Click Image to Close
The War Altar

4122 Rangers (40) - Click Image to Close
And these fabulous Rangers. 

The Demonworld line continues to amaze me the more I paint it. these sculpts are better than most 28mm fantasy, and the fact that so much detail and character was given to each one of these is simply stunning. they really should have more advocates. These should become the flagship figs for Hail Caesar Fantasy!


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whatcha putting on the shield, device-wise?

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i really like your works..Can you post more close photos???thanks

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