Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quick Update - Demonworld Empire Army 4-16-13

Well, I got all of the missing stands painted last night for my crossbow units and my 2 footsoldiers units. So on to the last infantry unit I will do for the Empire of Man for a while. These guys:

4134 Champions in the Dark (12) - Click Image to Close
The identical page boy hair cuts and poses really make these guys candidates for unit leaders throughout the army. This picture is from Ral Partha Europe.
These brave heavily armored knights will be gathered into a heavy infantry unit of Lords. Like the French Foot Knights at Poiters or Crecy. Wish they had helms. This line can be a little confusing. They wanted to go renaissance with the Empire, like GW's, but they threw in several units of straight medieval types too. confuses the aesthetic and coherency of the line I think, but hey, at least I can paint them. I will ahave a unit of 24 figs done this evening, I hope. then Cav.

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