Monday, April 15, 2013

Quick Update 4-15-13 15mm Demonworld Empire Fantasy Progress

Some progress over the weekend at the Worlshop. Not as much as I would ave liked, but much to do as spring is fully sprung upon us in the midwest. After a weekend of football games, yard work, a bonfire, and fixer up things at the Mother-in-Law's hacienda, I finally got a few hours last night to work on my empire stuff as the sweet and melodius sounds of Kenny Powers played in the back ground.

After a dip session with some old figs, I got 3 units of crossbows based and ready for flocking. I also got 2 footsoldiers units ready. I am 8 figs short to complete them, but those are on sticks and ready to be finished. I also got 3 full units of archers based and a Foot Army Command Stand.

After I fill in the foot troops I can paint a unit of heavy 'Lords' foot knights. That will be 27 Units completed. And the only thing left is 6 units of cav. Again, pics coming when I have the foot troops finished and flocked.

Have a great week everybody.

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