Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recruits Convention #21 Spring 2013

Well, spring Recruits was last weekend. And of course the boys and I and a bunch of the Basement Generals went to show our support. Good times were had by all. Spring football for the boys and a funeral didn't allow me to participate as I would have liked, but I got to see old friends, great games, and shop the local vendors.

The Haul this year:

I picked up Gamma World Charcter Sheets, Referees Screen, and the Legion of Gold for various editions of Gamma World RPG all for a buck each. Ah nostalgia. I passed up a mint condition set of the Star Frontiers Knight Hawks space ship rules.

I picked up a couple of Hudson and Allen medieval houses. $7.00 each is less than half price, so why not. I love their buildings. They are my favorite and I have way too many. But you can never have enough.
Hudson & Allen Studio 25mm Scale Model Medieval Village Building 4A unpainted

And Finally, I picked up a very nicely painted Demonworld Empire Army. It was painted by a a local painter who really did an outstanding job on some of the pieces. Pics when I get a chance. It has:
  •  A beautifully painted Rock Giant
  • A beautifully painted unit of Hill Giants
  • 2 War Towers with Flame Cannons
  • A Unit of Swordsmen
  • A Unit of Archers
  • A Unit of Pikes
  • A Unit of The Mob
  • A Unit of Druids with Sprites
  • Numerous Command, Mounted and Foot
  • Wizards and Priests
This equates to about 12-15 units for Hail Caesar Fantasy! All told it was a really good deal on a really decent painted Empire Army. And the best part is, it is almost all units I didn't have. So combined with the Crossbows, Hvy and Lt Cav, Cannons, and various infantry, my Human Empire Army is in pretty good shape. I will finish 2 pieces of Orc Artillery, Then it's on to rebasing and filling in the gaps on the Empire. It was going to be the last army I was going to do. But hey, Its over half done, so it jumps to the top of the list. I am sad to push the Undead back. But they will rise soon enough!  Should be a good summer for 15mm Demonworld Fantasy. 

And OH Crap, Reaper Bones are Shipping! Combine that with the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter and you have a pretty great dungeon bash ready to go.


styx said...

Nice find! Gamma World takes me back!

Scott said...

Very cool - I vaguely recall Gamma World though never played it...

Lead Addict said...

Gamma world has a special place in my heart, as do basic D&D and star frontiers.

Lead Addict said...

Gamma world has a special place in my heart, as do basic D&D and star frontiers.