Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quick Update 4-11-13

Man, I got a pretty good deal at Recruits on the Demonworld Empire Army I bought. I have gotten a couple of hours to work in and here's the tally of units I have rebased for Hail Caesar Fantasy:

2-Wartower with Flame Cannon
1-Huge Mountain Giant
2-Hill Gants
1-Druids Coven
3-Mob Warbands
1-Army Commander
3-Clerics & Wizards
3-Wing Commanders

So 17 Units plus 7 Command and Heroes. That's Great. And that's almost a whole army.

I have some Demonworld crossbowmen, foot soldiers, and heavy infantry that were base painted by a friend years ago I got in a trade. I am going to dip and highlight them and press them into service this weekend. That will get me 3 Crossbowmen units, 2 Foot Soldier units, and a Unit of Heavy Noble Swordsmen for a total of 23 units. All I'll really be missing is Cav, which I have 6 units on paint sticks ready to go.

You never know what will happen at a Con. Who would have thought I would have another Demonworld army ready to go so fast. Thanks again Recruits.


Scott Pyle said...

Those are some of the best 15mm fantasy figs around. If I ever ran WFRP again, I might be tempted to use 15mm for the combats and build a collection of Demon World figures.

Lead Addict said...

And with Ral Partha Europe doing the small packs, you can get a bunch of different stuff.

And you can do 15mm Dungeon crawls with them too since each one is basically sculpted to charcater level.