Thursday, February 7, 2013

Epic 40k pics - Marines

Took some really quick pics this morning before work of my progress on the Marines for Epic. I have a small Blood Angels contingent, which is mostly old but a few newer things. A fully mixed and very large Ultra Marine (I prefer the separate Ultra as its own word instead of the Ultramarines run together) force. I had visions of doing the whole chapter, but I think I will beg off of that and instead expand the Blood Angels force a little, and do an all old-kitted Imperial Fists force. The Blood Angels, and the 2nd Company of the Ultras were painted by my bro-in-law and I got those and an awesome Squat force in some horse trading. That leaves me without a Crimson Fists and Dark Angels forces(which were favorites of mine to paint) in 28mm. So we shall see what the end result is. Let's just get through the Ultras first.

Blood Angels - Without Rhinos-yet
Ultramarines - 2nd Battle Company, 6th Tactical Company, Plus Armored Support from  3rd Company

Blow up of 6th Company and 3rd Company Armor
6th Company Rhinos, and 2nd Company Marines

2nd Company Rhinos, Robots, and Bikes, 3rd Company Armor
The Five Specials - left to right - Chapter Commander, Librarian, Tech Priest, Chaplain, Apothecary
Chapter commander in gilded Land Raider

Librarian in gold encrusted Rhino

Chaplian and Apothecary (yes helix is wrong)

Tech Priest and Servitor
Next is the workbench at the Workshop of Doom, and the weight of the tiny little figs waiting patiently for detail. The Rest of the Ultra Marine Force.
Tactical Marines for the 3rd Battle Company, Land Raiders for the 1st Veteran Company, Rhinos for the 3rd  Battle Company, Thunderhawks and Contemptor Dreads, Current Dreads and Old Skool Robots, New Skool and Old Skool Land Speeders
Blow up of some of the sticks

Primed New Skool Drop Pods (the old skool ones are going with the  Imperial Fists), New Skool Bike Company, Devastators for 3rd Company, 1st Company Termonators  

I choose to paint my Ultras not ultramarine blue, but Game Color Royal Blue. Its a bluer color, without the deep grey of the ultramarine blue, and I like it better on the small models. The wash is home made. I am running dangerously low on Devlan Mud wash. I only have 2 pots left. So I mixed up my own that got pretty close. Its got water, dish spot remover (as a flow aid), paynes grey, charred brown, black, hull red and beasty brown paint as well as a few drops of black pelican ink in it. It worked out pretty good and is sufficiently dirty without being black. That's what I loved about devlan. It had a really great property to grunge up anything in just the right way. So next up is the 1st Company, then the support equipment and finally the 3rd Company.

I have more than enough Marines to play right now, but I want to Round out the Ultras first, fill in the rhinos and a few tactical and special cards for the Blood Angels, and then I will need to decide on the enigmatic Eldar (always my favorite) or the Brutish Ork Horde. Either is ready to go. As are Chaos and Tyranids. I would like to do the Armies in pairs. So maybe this way:

Marines and Orcs
Squats (half way done)
Eldar and Chaos
Guard and Tyranids

Hope you have enjoyed.



Simon Q said...

Lovely, lovely all of them great work mate!!

daemonkin said...

Great work. Doing up an Ultramarine force myself this year. Love the command vehicles. Really old school. May have to steal it.

Armp painter soft and strong tones are great substitutes for sepia and Declan mud.