Monday, February 25, 2013

Quick Update 2-25-13

Just a quick update to let you know what I have been up to:
Living in the Midwest has been fun this month

1. Finished a couple more units for Epic. Gotten tired of painting Blue. The Ultras have a nice sized force to fight with. I have a Thunderhawk, A Bike Company, and a Terminator Vetaeran Company to paint to fill in some gaps.

2. Wanted to do something different during the snow days so I broke out some 15mm Fantasy and started to paint a couple of Wood Elf and Orc Units for Hail Caesar! Fantasy. I finished a Rock Lobber Unit that is a Splintered Light Troll thriowing a giant rock, being whipped by a huge Black Orc in full armor. Added some boulders and voila! A literal Rock Lobber Artillery piece.
Unfinished piece. Love the Splintered Light Orcs. Have a very nice Demonworld feel to them. A more traditional rock lobber in the background.

Next was the Demonworld High Elf Dragon, that I wanted to paint as a Green Dragon for my Wood Elves. I'll Pick Up another one for my High Elves, Or use one of the Reaper Bones ones that are coming next Month !?!?!!!.  So I painted him a nice two tone green and leathery wings color to blend end with the forest and the rest of the Army.

I then decided to do THE GREAT BASING CHALLENGE!!! I have this nasty habit of not wanting to put basing of any kind on my figs until the entire Army is finished. That way it is consistent, and since it takes a long time for me to paint an entire army, I may change how I am going to finish them along the way. Saves me headaches. Well, Since I was enjoying my 15mm Fantasy guys so much, I decided to put all the resin sand flocking on the Wood Elves and Orc Armies. I got the entire Wood Elf Army base material on, dried and painted a base brown. I have a 3 part paint system for basing across all my figures so I get a consisient result for my terrain and figure bases. Its craft paint. I just label the tops I, II, III for base, mid , and highlight and done. Add some tacky glue and flock with static grass, or flocking depending on your scale. So I expect to have the Orcs and the Wood Elves properly finished and ready to rumble soon. No more playing with unfinished bases for those boys.

And on another good note, I only have about 70 Wood elf figs left to paint and they are completely done. A unit of Skirmishers I need to mount on pennies as single skirmishers, a unit of medium infantry Hunters, some assorted characters and wizards, and a unit of heavy cav.

I will take some pics when I finish the Wood Elves this week.

Stay warm, but stay frosty.



BaronVonJ said...

Why doesn't the Ogre just smash the dude whipping him?

Lead Addict said...

Cause he's a dumb troll.