Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shout out for Iron Painter Studio-anything 15mm or Smaller

I think its all of our collective duty as trawlers of the interwebs to let others of like mind know about things we like or that are of interest in our great and varied little hobby. Especially people who are painting and gaming and just doin their own thing.

I have certainly extolled the Virtues of following Spacejacker's Blog Tiny Solitary Soldiers and you have been rewarded.

So here is another find The Iron Painter Studio. His motto is 15mm or under, all day, any day. I like that motto. And his banner right now is a pic of an exceptionally well painted Epic Ultramarine force. So win. Here is a pic I nabbed from is site. Hope he doesn't mind. He's only got 9 followers, which is a travesty if you like 15mm or smaller sci fi, fantasy, or historical minis(he does them all). Go check him and follow his site. Its worth a look.

GZG 15mm - Painted by Iron Painter Studio - Awesome stuff


Simon Q said...

Wow they are bloody gorgeous!!

BaronVonJ said...

Well, thanks to him I now know Khurasan is getting ready to early 18th/late 17th century Lace War types. Dang it!

Lead Addict said...

Correction - Drilling down, that's a Crismson Fists force he has been working on.

Gunrunner said...

Okay, you've convinced me with that picture-Thanks LA!