Monday, October 8, 2012

Heavy Gear...An aside.

As I have mentioned before, I have been collecting Heavy Gear for years. I collected every RAFM 1/87 HG I could get my hands on when the line was yanked from RAFM's hand. When the product on the store shelves went on clearance here, it was all mine. I love those sculpts. They are big, chunky, and fit amazingly well at their scale, as well as for 28mm, as large power armor. I have a couple hundred of them, and tanks and striders, infantry and artillery. A collection of toys I am very proud of.

I also have been collecting the new scale(that DP9 has been doing for at least 10-15 years now) at 1/144, or 10-12mm.

I will fully admit, the recent sculpts are amazing on detail, movement and convenience. Man, those RAFM minis are big and heavy. The DP9 one are much more manageable, and are so much better cast. And the new stuff they are coming out with is crazy good.

Anyway, I have been using the DP9 gears for 15mm Sci Fi because I don't think the HG rules at any stage of their development represent anything close to as good or playable as their models are. So I haven't dove in to painting units because I don't have a game to play with them.

But, I decided, afer a quick exchange with Agis on Lead Adventure Forum, and hoping that he can do a full HG treatment with his Victory Decision rules, I broke out some stuff I had built and primed and started throwing some quick paint down. Here it is:

A south Visigoth super tank. A big model in this scale.

Front view

The new Visigoth with the first complements of a Gear squad. Brawler Black Mamba, A Para Iguana, and a standard Iguana

A shot of the Hunn light tank to show the massive scale of the Visigoth 

Two new gears ready for detailing, Brawler Black Mamba, Jager Para

Also in the on deck circle, The Hunn Light Tank, another Visigoth, A Naga Strider, A King Cobra, and a standard load out Jager.

I have a nice selcetion of northern and southern gears. So, I may flesh a few units out on both sides so we can play some home growns with them. Or even mod Scott Pyle's Robofire to work for them.

I just can't work up the steam to paint the Spanish Nappies yet, so I am doing other stuff till the fever strikes me again.


Will Scarvie said...

Nicely painted! I love the Visigoth.

I've been hunting for a few more 1/87 RAFM gears for quite a while. Any suggestions on where to find them?

Lead Addict said...

good luck. keep trolling ebay. they turn up once in a while. they were easy for a while whne everybody dumped them. not so much any more.

Brummie said...

Very nicely done mate. Lovely mechs as well.

BaronVonJ said...

I'm still toiling away on yer dirty Frogs. 12 of 24 complete.

Mike Strefford said...

I'm thinking about doing some gears in Gruntz..particularly once 1.1 is out

Lead Addict said...

Nice to hear Baron. Take a break from them if you are not liking them. No hurry on my part.

I got the Naga base painted have final highlight, wash and detail to finish it. Maybe tonight.

jelly andrews said...

Cool toys! This is two thumbs up. It is nicely done.

Eric Hornaday said...

Ended up half dozen 1:87 gear that I can sell