Thursday, October 18, 2012

A look back at my To Do List Spring/Summer/Fall 2012

So here is my Spring/Summer/ Fall To Do List I keep on the right column. Time for some introspection. 
0. 28mm Napoleonic Spanish
  0.1 Do (4) Line Units
  0.2 Do 1 Converged Grenadier Unit
  0.3 Do (2) Artillery Units
  0.4 Do (2) Cav Units
  0.5 Do (2) Militia Units

Well I just started these, but I have a good start. 1 unit of line complete, 1 unit base painted, 1/2 the grenadiers ready.

1. 28mm Napoleonic British

1.1 - Finish New Command Stand-COMPLETE

1.2 - Add 2 stands to existings 4 stand Units(6 units=12 stands)-COMPLETE

1.3 - Do (2) New Guard Infantry Unit-COMPLETE

1.4 - Do 2 New Highlander Units

1.5 - Do Light Dragoon Unit(Tarelton)-COMPLETE

1.6 - Do Hussar Unit(Tall Fur Cap)-COMPLETE

1.7 - Do 2 New Artillery Units

1.8 - Do Division/Brigade/Army Commanders-COMPLETE

1.9 Do 2 new Infantry Units(2 KGL)-LATER PHASE

1.10-Complete Basing and Flocking

Much progress on the Brits. So much so that I am comfortable gaming with them right now. I have a few units to do ( a couple more cannon, a couple of highland units, anothe cav division, and some KGL infantry), but since I usually build an army of 12-15 units, I am really done. The rest is just for fun.

2. 28mm Napoleonic French
My acquisition of 4 infantry and 2 cannon units, beautifully painted at that, plus another the BAron is completing, plus two more BG Scott is working on, we'll have a French Army in no time. Doesn't even seem possible.

3.15mm Fantasy for Hail Caesar
Progress indeed this year. I painted at least 12 new units for the wood elves. And I made a huge acquisition of Demonworld original castings to go with my huge collection of original castings. So I am set on all things 15mm Fantasy. So much so that I may just sell all my 28mm except for some warband and RPG use. And of course there is that mountain of Reaper Bones coming in March.

4. 28mm ECW
No progress. That's OK. With all the Nappy progress I am happy.

5. 15mm Napoleonics Rebasing-ON HOLD
No progress either. This is a monumental task, and I just don't want to tackle it right now. I would rather make progress in 28mm.

6. 15mm Sci Fi
Some progress this year. I am closer on a few things. I got the Alien Mercs based, got half the Humean Quick Reaction force Armor completed. But I waas really on other things. this is a huge project when I get to it.

7 28mm Post Apoc
Much progress. Just search the post apoc tag. I am pleased that I am down to terrain and mutnats and monsters. Fun stuff. And Let's not forget Fistful of Lead:Wasteland Warriors. It will be a good winter for the apocalypse.

Really just playing. Won't be focused on it til I get into the 15mm Sci FI stuff in earnest.

9. 15mm Fantasy for Dungeon Tiles
Finished the foam dungeon, finished many monsters, started on some Hirst Arts castings for some more tiles. Been a productive year for a side project. Probably won't see a lot of progress, until I get the bug to write some simple bash rules.

So overall, a good year, one of my most productive. I am hankering for my Fall/Winter List so it should be comin up soon, but I know its time to strike the completed stuff off the list, and get rid of a bunch of old lists still hangin around.

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