Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spanish Napoleonics - First Line Unit complete

OK, So I know the photos are gonna be crap cause i took them quickly with my iPhone, but here they are, quick shots of the first completed unit: Regiment El Rey

 Here's a few of the sticks that are ready as well. Artillery in the back, And the light blue is the start of Regiment Irlander(baby blue with yellow facings and lapels, beautiful). Theya re like the Classic San Diego Chargers of Nappies. In front is one of the Grendier sticks. Those two stands will probably be a red faced unit, for Cordoba or Guadalajara and so will be converged grenadier command stand, then a green faced stand, and a black faced stand.

Overall, these are a dream to paint. they were clearly made with a painter in mind, and they finish very nicely. Bravo Front Rank.


Brummie said...

They are looking superb

Lead Addict said...

Thanks Brummie. Next unit this weekend hopefully.