Wednesday, September 28, 2011

and since we are talking Fantasy Napoleonics a bit...

A nice little project on the Lead Adventure Forum really got my juices going. These beastmen are incredible. All done by Funky Brush. I made a quick wallpaper for my pc at work so I would remind myself to think about how I would do them. I have named them 'The Braying 29th'.

I have also been digging for bits on ebay and the internets to see what it would cost to play with this idea. I have tons of unpainted 28mm napoleonics, just not plastics. So maybe a little harder to pull off as Funky Brush's work was done with plastics, but still doable I think.

Right now I'm thinking:

French - Elves - Maybe Dark Elves
British - Beastmen
Spanish - Skaven/Ratmen or Goblins
Austrians - Undead(white uniforms, eastern european, etc.)
Russians - Orcs and Goblins?
Prussians - Dwarves - well this is the Baron's request so we'll go with it.

I have found a bunch of suitable heads and legs and arms in plastics. It will be fun  to try to marry them.

I also found that the 40k Kroot heads are incredibly easy to use as well, so maybe I have to find a spot for them.

This leaves out the lizardmen, which would be fun. Maybe they can be the Portugese or Italians.


Bill said...

So Ken, you talking skirmish or you planning huge armies? :)

ken said...

As fun as think about big armies would be, it's probably just a skirmish idea.