Monday, September 19, 2011

Workshop of Doom

Well, since the finish of RECRUITS, I have been itching to work on something new in the workshop. But as usually happens, the Workshop of Doom was an absolute wreck. I am pretty messy when it comes to terrain projects, and building 28mm scale shelled out buildings and rubble makes for an even bigger mess. So it was time for a clean out. I have also been sick for the last week, so it took a little longer than anticipated, but I now have a shiny clean workshop, with all painted and unpainted figs, neatly tucked away in their plastic shoe boxes, and all of them LABELLED!!!(revelation). The labelling is really what took so much time. Sorting and such. I have 1 6' bookcase of finished, painted minis. And 3+ bookcases of unpainted stuff. When painted, they would probably take up another 5 bookcases of stuff. So, you never really finish I guess.

Anyway, I am contemplating what's next.

I have my list of course. And it would be nice to finish of the basing on my 15mm Fantasy stuff and rebase my 15mm Napoleonics. And Epic has been weighing heavy on my mind. and other things 15mm...

We shall see.

Saw the release of the Dread Fleet boxed game by GW. Yawn. I was hoping for a Man o War game, but I guess Spartan beat them at their own game. Better to make money on a llimited release boxed game like Space Hulk. Oh well. I am indifferent.

And what will winter hold. Will I finally get to those Late Romans/Arthurians, or does the Raven Banner sally forth? Hmmmmm...

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