Thursday, September 22, 2011

Napoleonic Russian Officers - Hollywood Edition

So my favorite pop culture blog group, Uproxx, had a story about somebody who took the wonderful portraits of the Tsars Russain Generals during Napoleon's invasion in 1812, and reainted them with current Hollywood actors. Now this is a War & Peace I can get behind. The story is here:

I have included my favorites below. While most are not filthy enough, sweaty enough, riddled with consumption or gonareah enough, or nose covered with exploded capillaries from drinking Vodka all day, there are some that just fit. Enjoy.

Well of course his looks great.

And his too. The only one that would look like crap is Timothy Dalton.

What a face.

I'd follow this guy to hell.

How much of an aristocrat does Ben Kingsley look like. Maybe the best one.

But this one is my favorite. I don't know why. Probably because he looks like a spoiled aristocrat that has gotten caught up in a war and all he wanted was the uniform to get chicks.

For pure giddy glee, nothing beats this one:

And finally, I will never again look at a Warhammer 40k Imperial Commissar and not think of this Picture. All he needs is a power glove.



benjamin_starkey said...

Awesome. I love these pics and the commentary!

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