Monday, September 12, 2011

Recruits Con was this past weekend

Well RECRUITS was ths past weekend, and much fun was had by me, the boys and some of the Generals.

As always, the con was first class. We get kinda spoiled and never say enough thanks, and can I helps to Duane and Laura Fleck, who created and have ran all 18 shows. Wish I could help more. thanks for your continued efforts.

So, on Friday night, cruised the vendors with the boys, said hi to old friends, then sat down for a fun, Force on Force game of Rhodesian African war. Terrain was gorgeous, but of course, I forgot to snap picks. A whole bunch of chits and markers were used to run the game, and while it simplifies things, it certainly detracts from the overall effect. Since I have only really played ambush Alley, I don't know if  you need all the counters or not. i will take another read of Force on Force and see what I think.

There was great suppport for Tomorrow's War. The worldwide unveiling of the Osprey edition happened at Recruits this year. and sales looked brisk. Its great to see a great game supported at a local con.

On Saturday I was very excited to play in an old friends stunning and clever 54mm French and Indian War game. He was using John Jenkins collectors edition figures. gorgeous and such a classic toy soldier feel to them. It was a real pleasure using such awesome figs.

His terrain and woods and everything about the game was first class. He used This Very Ground, which is a pretty fun set. I told everyone if they had had someone selling Conquest F&I stuff, I w ould have been right there. And I still might be. Put an order together on sunday for them, but waited to see if the glow will receed. But, I am pretty pumped about the idea.

Then in the afternoon, I ran Fistful of Lead: Warriors of the Wasteland. The Baron's cowboy skirmish rules, with our mods for Post Apocalypse. It was really fun. Mostly Basement Generals played, but it was great to have a complete game, ready to go and enjoy. The Baron helped a bunch, as no one knows his rules better than him. Thanks Baron. Pics and background on the next post.


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