Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I feel a Fall 11/Winter 12 List Coming On

I feel a new list coming on.

I got some of my stuff done on the summer list. Not a lot, but some. I spent most of the summer, when I could paint, getting ready for Recruits in Sept, and assembling and priming stuff that I can just pull out and paint for the winter. Kinda like a squirrel burying some nuts.

So I have a bunch of 15mm stuff ready to go, tons of stuff to get basing done on, and numerous ways to go for the fall and winter.

Initial thoughts are:

I have gotten the Epic bug again, and I will be painting this stuff off and on. I have massive unpainted aries for this that have sat for ages. I started painting some Ultramarines just to get the juices flowing and I forgot how fun painting these little guys is. So they are on the list.

I have to get my 28mm Samurai and 15mm Fantasy basing done. they both have languished too long without being completed.

I acquired a beautiful collection of Vikings over the summer, and would like to fill them out with some characters, Carls, and some archers. and of course some Ice Trolls a Giant, and Dire Wolves. then add some Goblinoids for them to fight, maybe throw in some Norse Dwarves. Maybe a bunch of snow terrain. Hmmm....

I have my 15mm Sci Fi legions to do and they are ready. As is the rebasing for my 15mm Nappy collection.

And I have my 28mm Fantasy Skirmish figs to do as well.

It really is an embarassment of choices and it should be a bountiful fall and winter.

I'll post a list when its complete. It would be nice to complete one. Never done that.

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