Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update on my building

Quick update on my post apoc building. Got a good night on the rubbling of the building last night during a great mid-west thrunderstorm.

Front Overall

On the Porch

Detail of the rubble

Overall - Rear

Detail of Second Floor

Detail of First Floor by stairs

Detail of 'The Hole'

Overall - Rear

Interior Detail - First Floor

Lift Out Second Floor

Detail - Lift-off Second Floor

Detail Second Floor

Overall Second floor with 28mm fig

Overall I am pleased. I need to keep in mind the fact that these are for gaming and not miniature destroyed buildings.

I want to get this primed and painted so I can get it on the table. Hopefully I'll be hosting a game for RECRUITS this fall with this terrain. More to come. I can just feel the decay and the end of days flowing through my veins.


Spacejacker said...

Looks great.. I love me some ruins!

ken said...

thanks. Glad you like it. Your new Garn look fantastic.

Six Mil Phil said...

That's very good indeed... where's this new material from?

ken said...

I get gator board at work, off cuts from mounting professional architectural renderings for presentations. They would have it at any professional printer for architects and engineers.