Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Project

Well, the medievals of Sir Percival are complete, just need to flock the bases. Once flocked I will post good pics of them.  So, as promised, I started on my 15mm Sci Fi again, for my summer project. It was a close run thing as I looked at about 10 other projects to decide if I wanted to start them first (28mm ECW, Mech Warrior Click Repaints, 28mm Nappies, 28mm Post Apoc gangs, 28mm Medievals, 15mm Fantasy, 28mm High Elves, etc). 

Two hours later, I had made the decision to go ahead with my 15mm Sci Fi. So I got out my xmas present out, and started building. A little while later, I had all but 1 tank made from my Hi Mobility Wheeled Force  from GZG. 3 APCs, 2 MBTs, 1 Command truck, 2 Scout Cars. Nice little supplemental vehicle force for my CMG Light Recon.  

Overall new force(minus 1 tank) with finished inf.

Ground level shot for scale of MBT, Inf, Scout Cars, and one of the Infantry Walkers

Close up of APC's and infantry

Ground level shot of Inf and APC's with Infantry Walker

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Lee B said...

Any of these GZG vehicles passable as remotes/mules for 28mm scifi?