Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day - A Little Progress and a Tangent

So on Memorial Day, I got to do several things that I love. I got to paint, watch movies, and be with my boys.

Painting-Well some progress there. I got my GZG High Mobility Force base painted and washed. Snapped a wheel off one of my MBT's , but I will rig it so it stays.

Pic is a little dark, but they are ready for wet brushing then highlighting and detailing.

I also got a squad of Power Armor for my NAC Tropers cleaned and put on paint sticks. They are Blue Moon Orion Power Armor guys. A little Pulpy, but not out of place for the NAC guys.

Next, since I was Memorial Day, and I like to paint something related (at least somewhat related) I decided to build and prime my GRindhouse Games, Incurion American APE suit guys. Great Box Set. 6 guys, tons of character. Made me feel like I did when I put together my box of Classic GW metal Terminators. Really wel sculptaed and easy to put together. No flash. I am very pleased. They were a gift from the wife for xmas this year and I am glad I finally got them built and primed.

 You can see the squad base and primed, ready for a base coat. In the background you may notice a couple of walkers. Well they are AT-43 walkers. Everyone I have seen paints these as german walkers, but I kinday liked them to go with my americans, so I did a little work, and voila, american WWWII walkers.

 Here's a small one that will be a Scout Walker. I am going to add a .50 cal mount somewhere and a fixed light cannon.
 Here is a Heavy Tank Destroyer Walker. A long gun and sheild added from a Tamiya M-41 Walker Bulldog Kit, along with a .50 call on a swivel mount and a couple of gas cans. Tarps, and netting to be added too I think. I kept the 2 rocket pods. I think it takes the tech level down to an acceptable level.

APE suits included to see size comparison. I am excited about painting these because Agis has just released Victory Decision WWII rules, and since he is a big fan of WWWII, I just bet a supplement is coming for WWWII somtime in the future. And just add a couple of super heroes, and you got a wild and woolly WWWII game. And it gives me a chance to use my painted 28mm WWII guys and paint some of unpainted hordes of WWII guys I have.

I will paint these guys up as an aside then get back to my GZG Armor.

Movies - Well, I watched the whole box set of Band Of Brothers. One of my all time favorites.

Boys - While the 2 oldest were off doing their thing, the youngest hung out with Dad a little bit. We built a Snap Tite kit of an A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog). It was one of the prepainted on the sprue kits. I cut off the peieces, he assembled them. It was great. Growing up I was a model junkie, so I was glad to see it. I pulled out another snap tite kit to try (a skill level 7 Master Grade Mobile Suit Gundam 1/100 scale) but it was crazy. And the boy couldn't really do any of it. It took me an hours to assemble the arms. HE got bored. So I said maybe later and he ran off to play with his friends. The Warthog was fun. I will get him some more kits to try. I have about a hundred or so mixed plane and armor and figure kits, but they are all glue kits, and he's not quite ready for that he said. 

Thanks for looking.

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