Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another two hours...

Another two hours and this...

I got my entire GZG Grav force built last night. 2 MBT's, 4 MICV's, 4 Gun Sleds(LT Tank/scouts), 2 Remote support platforms(1 Gatling, 1 Guided Missle). This is a main force type of army. I need to add mechs (Heavy Gears of some kind, probably Northern, or the new Valkrye mechs that have been getting some play are nice too), and a few Heavy Power Armor Guys as well. I will be using the GZG NAC troops for the Main Force Infantry.

2 stands of CMG Light Recon are shown for scale.

Here is the completely built GZG Hi -Mobility force, adding the last MBT. They have fewer units than the Grav Sled Group, but the infantry will be better armored and trained as a quick reactionary force.  (CMG Light Recon Troops) 

Here is the GZG NAC Infantry in there little plastic homes. Should be getting these out and organized and on painting sticks for priming tonite. about 16 bags of assorted infantry, comm, specialists, and hvy weapons. And Jon threw in a RAM mortar and a set of the new trikes for me as well on my last order. Great guy, that!

Here's a couple of Mules for the High Mobility QRF, even though they have NAC uniforms. A driver/rat patrol version, and a remote controlled version.

Hope to begin the priming by the end of the week, painting as possible over the weekend. Hope to be done with the Hi-Mobility force in 2 weeks. I would love to have the Main Force done by the end of June.

We've been talking about rules to use, and are going to try out Future War Commander, Dirtside II(a small version), and even a home grown set I have been working on. Robofire would work too, if we can get some more emphasis on Infantry and less on Robos (I know that's not what you intended Scott, but we like the system). Any others we should try? Not sure if Tomorrows War will work because of its focus on individuals, not fire teams or sections(which is how I have based all my infantry), but we shall see. the Ambush Alley guys are coming to Recruits for the big rollout for Tomorrow's War this fall, so I will get a chance to quiz them on it.

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