Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An actuall gaming post.

Well, now that all that stylish blogger nonsense is out of the way, I did get a chance to finish my knights for Sir Percival, Icon Bearer of the King.

These pics are of the two current warbands I have done and the Kings cav unit.

I am a little torn about keeping these single skirmish mounted, cause they look really good on group bases. and could be used for Flower of Chivalry and Commands and Colors. What to do, what to do. the BAron recommends staying with singles, to skirmish/warband with, which was the original intent. But I sure would like to have these guys ready to fight my elves.


Scott Pyle said...

They look great! I'd keep them singly based if I were you.

ken said...

Thanks.singles makes it easier for skirmishing. Jaye and I are wanting to do a war band game. 30-40 mixed troops per guy. He's beginning the rules now. Want to do dark ages and medieval.

Got the latest set of RoboFire. Play testing this weekend. Thanks for that.