Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day - Thank You For Your Service

Memorial Day weekend is ususal a great weekend for me. Usually spent paintballing with the family, a three day weekend, great movies on TV, and I usually get some time to paint. I got all of the above and more.
And, as we all try to work from weekend to weekend, holiday to holiday, just to get a break, we sometimes lose track of why we get these days. Sometimes the little things give you a chance to remeber and say thanks to those who served our country in the Armed Services, and helped protect not only our freedom, but those around the globe, whether in war, or not.

Whenever I see a VET, I always try to thank them for their service. Nothing big, nothing grandious. But I always thank them for serving, so that I didn't have to. Not that I wouldn't have if required, but their service made it possible that no one demanded mine or my brother, or most of my friends service. So for that I thank you for your sacrifice and honor in the defense of this country.

I had a teaching moment this weekend. Nothing big, but a Veteran, An Navy Veteran (He had a Navy VEt hat on, and had tats on his forearms) from Korea or WWII got out of his car to get a big skip cart out of a parking stall at Sam Club, as me and my boys were coming out. I rushed up, asked if I could get that cart out of his way, and thanked him for his service, and was on my way.

Nothing big, no big production. When we got in the car my middle boy asked me why I did what I did, and why and what I menat by thanking him for his service. It gave me a chance to put a face to Memorial Day(even though their grandpas all served during Viet Nam) and to all those video games and first person shooters. I got to explain their duty, sacrifice, honor, and putting their lives on the line so that my boys could go play paintball Sunday afternoon. Little Things.

So I want to thank all of those who served this great country. Thank you for being willing to pay the ultimate price for our freedom, our lives, our safety. Not Such a Litlle Thing.

And let's bring all those serving and fighting for us now home safe, soon.

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