Friday, February 25, 2011

Lagging of Late - But there's hope

Well I have been exhausted. The tank was on empty after the emotional rollercoaster that was the wrestling tournament. We are very proud of the boy and all he accomplished this year.

And as soon as we got home, I got the flu. Just now getting over it. Lost the whole weekend last week. So not really in the mood to hold up the 50 pound head full of snot over the paint table. So nothing has gotten done.

But tiume marches on.

I was blessed to make it to another birthday this week. So to celebrate for myself I picked up a couple of nblisters of the Uncharted Seas ships to use for the GW classic game Man O War. I have every fleet they made for the original, and you can use the smaller ships in the US line to make fleets for MAn O War scale fleets.

So I loved the Ralgard from day one and so picked up the cruiser and frigates to use as the Flagship and ship o the line ships for MOW. I will need to sculpt the small ships, but thats ok. The US castings are clearn and better detailed than any of the MOW ships ever were. HEre's some pics.

Cool stuff. Really like the new Heavy Crusier and that it can be the Admirals ship, being different than the regular cruiser.

I also picked up one of the awesome war balloon blisters as well. Should be a nice diversion from Mechwarrior repaints. also trying to decide on what I want to put in the que for 28mm right now. Probably more post-apoc, but I have been toying with sci-fi and a new project. And the Baron got all of the started fleets of Dystopian wars for xmas. I am drawn to the Empire of the Rising Sun, especially their land forces. and there's all that 15mm sci fi I need to do. We shall see.

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