Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OK so I lied.

OK so I lied. I don't just have a few more mechs and tanks for Robofire!

I figured since I had a decent start, why stop there. Why not go full OCD on the stuff and put in two more orders from Troll and Toad for Tanks and Mechs from the clicky MechWarrrior line. Cripes! It never eds.

So The idea is that I can paint up two full armored forces and a couple of mercenary groups to play Iron Cow, Dirtside II, Strike Legion and Epic:Gold, (needing about 40-50 units a side) and then use them for Robofire! as well, since it really is small operations at 5-7 units a side.

I really like the armor and vehicles from the line, and since you can pick and choose the ones you like , even better. You can leave some of the more wonky ones alone.

So this project will be going on for a while this year.

Now I need to keep chugging on the Medievals, and a couple of post apoc gangs and maybe even start to paint that Chaos Marauder warband.

Gonna be a good year.

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