Friday, October 25, 2013

Vote for Proxie Models to get a leg up!

So Carmen at Carmens Fun Painty Time (a blog you really should read), put this up today about a favorite small manufacturer of mine:

"My favorite bases of all time, Proxie Models is looking for a small-business grant from Chase Bank (that offers the Main Street Grants program.) To be considered, the business needs at least 250 votes.

How to do it

Here is the TMP link (which will have the link to the bank.) Scroll down to where it says "How the 2013 Program Works." Click on "Consumer Voting" (You'll need to login via Facebook.) Fill in the business name: "Proxie Models," and press return- that should be it! Here's the direct link if you don't want to read Ken's plea (or any other information that might crop up later) on The Miniatures Page."

So instead of rewriting what he said I copied and pasted it above. While I am a fender washer and thin plywood base guy, I will tell you that the 15mm buildings and terrain pieces that Proxie is doing are fantastic. They are super versatile and go perfect with any post apoc or near future sci-fi setting you need ruins or rubbled buildings. Just look what an old favorite that has been lost to the vapor did with them Tiny Solitary Soldiers. All images below are from Space Jacker. (where are you pal?) Beautiful stuff and shows just how versatile and useful Proxies stuff is. 

So go vote for him to get a leg up in this world!

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Yeah what happened to TSS?