Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gruntz 15mm...for Fantasy?

So the Baron and I have been musing of late about fantasy games. He picked up the MAyhem rules. I hope to play them soon. They have gotten good reviews. But he also mentioned something I had thought about before. Playing Fantasy warband skirmish with Gruntz - The 15mm Sci Fi game. What?

Not too far fetched really. From what the Propaganda Architect tells us, Gruntz is just a nicely modded version of Warmachine/Hordes. Really? Ok. Well then I am pretty sure its doable then.

You have a Shoot or Assault stats, plus Guard(to be hit = Agility) and Soak (to be wounded = armor).

thats pretty simple.

Roll 2d6 plus shoot to shoot your bows. Beat the targets Guard Skill. Then add weapon dmg to a 2d6 roll to beat the Soak(armor). Simple.

Now you could make numerous modifications to that basic formula and still maintain simplicity. Some things I always consider when we are doing Medieval/Fantasy stuff is:

Is the Target Mounted or dismounted?
Is the Attack missle fire or hand to hand?
Does the weapon have a special purpose for defeating armor?

The list can go on and on. The best thing would be to just give bonuses to the roll based on circumstance. i.e. Mounted, armored knights, being shot at by bodkin armed archers would get a +1 for shooting at mounted - (vs. guard stat), and +1 for bodkins - (vs. soak stat).

And the great thing about the rules is the builders for Units, Specialists, Mechs and Monsters can easily be used for fantasy opponents.

Its certainly worth a try in this gigantic Dwarven Forge Dungeon.


knobgobbler said...

I love GRUNTZ but never noticed any Warmachine genes to it... I'm not such a fan of Warmachine and it's CCG-feeling gameplay (IMO of course).
Either way, this seems like something worth a go.

Sean Gewecke said...

Great idea. I've been working on some models so I could play a Gruntz scenario where a technologically superior force lands on a planet with a primitive society.

The plan would be that the primitives would have lots more troops, but be armed with swords and bows.

I thought it would be an interesting experience.