Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bones II

So. Reaper just put up Bones II and 47 minutes in (at 9:47 central US time) its already at $265,000.00 with a goal of $30k. Obviously the 30k is a way low point. But almost 10x goal in 45 minutes. Sheesh.Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones!

Good looking all in at this point with this as base set so far:

So they are doing things a little different. $100.00 entry point minimum. No smaller pledges. They are also limiting pledges on a first come first serve basis and its tied to shipping. So the first 2000 that pledged, got the first shipping slot, which is Sept 2014. the next 2000 got Oct 2014. Etc. They got 17,000 pledges last time, so Reaper learned a lot about fulfilling one of these mega Kickstarters. Easier on their staff and encouraging early pledges.Smart. Really smart.

They are Halloween themed right now. But I think they may be hinting at doing big terrain pieces. That would be awesome.

Oh, and a summary of the first Bones KS:

Material is bendy when its thin.
Does not prime well unless you use the right paint.
Bases on most are warped.
Mold line are easily scraped.
Material is easily cut and can be bent with hot water.
For price, access to big figs is amazing.
I dont need all the character figs, but to get the monsters and such gotta get them.

Overall, I will never paint all of the bones I already have, but for me having 25 orcs for 20 dollars, its awesome.

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