Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Come on Baby Light My Fire!

So the football teams' campaign has ended. Ground was lost. Time to head to winter quarters. We had a rough season. But huge strides were made by all. It was fun coaching those kids. And just like an athlete needs to work in the offseason to be a better player, I need to work to be a better coach. But, I enjoyed the ride. I may take the team and be head coach next year. We'll see.

I am working on a large downtown redevelopment master plan at work and it is taking all of my time and late nights. That ends in at the end of November. So, soon enough I will have time to work on getting some figs done. But the age old question looms...


Since I have been out of doing anything for a while, the muse has left me. I am ambivilent to painting anything right now. A real case of the blahs. Happens every year. What I need is a spark, and then a flame and then a fire to get me going. Just not sure what that is right now.

Things I am interested in:

Agis' new Planetfall (coming soon I hope) rules really lead me to painting 28mm Sci Fi Guys again. I have 3-4 forces painted. I have about 6 more I could do.

Spartans new 10mm Armored forces Sci Fi game Planetfall looks great. Love the figs. But that would be a brand new adventure. I need that like a hole in my head.

Yes I know they are both named Planetfall. I assume Agis will change his.

My Dwarven Forge prepainted dungeon tiles arrived last week. I have many monsters to paint. I have a good couple of dozen adventurers done.

And I love Paul Hicks Portuguese Nappies that Brigade has. I think I will be getting those for sure.

And as fall is covering us in her cold decaying embrace, my thoughts go to the apocalypse.

I think I feel the Winter 13/14 list coming on:

Basing for 28mm Napoleonics

Napoleonic Portuguese - 4 Units

Fantasy 15mm - Undead

Post Apoc - Terrain
-3 buildings
-Giant Monsters
-Town Square

28mm Sci Fi
-Pig Iron Kolony and Rebels

Fantasy 28mm

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BaronVonJ said...

Gets them Undead done for HCF.