Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Black Watch almost complete!

Been out of town on vacation. I did finally get some time on my Highlanders. Dicing and ticking and kilts are done. I have to do some gold lace on the officers and finish the drummer and I am done! Pics tomorrow. I am finishing this tonite. That puts me at 11 infantry units. 1 more and I am done with the Brits. 3 cannon and the arty is totally complete as well. And I should finish these cav units...

But, I am moving on to 15mm Sci Fi. I am greatly inspired by the efforts the Propaganda Architect has put into his Modern African Wars figs for Gruntz so its time to get rolling on some more sci fi figs for Gruntz.

This is of course if I don't get my Gamer ADD under control. If I do, then I will finish that last unit of infantry and those cannons!

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