Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BG's as ACW G's

Well we have been havin a bit of fun with the Basement Generals of late. We are liking Longstreet, the new rules by Sam Mustafa using his Honour Rulesystem. Its a lot of fun. And since The BAron and I are ever distracted, we have taken to making ACW Generals out of the Basement Generals.

The Baron lobbed the first grenade with this gem of his self portrait:

I followed with this self portrait:

 And being the master at all things photoshop, he followed up with these two:

It's been much fun and nice to see the BG's as ACW Generals. Almost as good as the Hollywood Stars as Russian Generals from a while back.


Essjam said...

Been reading the Bernard Cornwall ACW series. In Copperhead, he describes McClellan as "Young Napolean" Was that your inspiration?

Lead Addict said...

No. McClellan is my Maternal Grandfathers family name. There is a connection there. So That was it. McClellan was the basis for the pic though. McClellan was an amazing logistician, and loved his men dearly. So much so that he would not risk their use, or was so indecisive in their use he was out 'Generaled' many times. And was criticized mightily for it. And rightfully so. I wanted to show a nephew or cousin who didn't have the look of indecision that most images of McClellan have. at least to me.