Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Black Watch Completed

I stole some time last night and finished up the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment - The Black Watch for my British Napoleonic Army. First time paint kilts and ticking/dicing on a highland uniform for me. I know how I would improve it, but am satisfied at table length that they look good and represent well. Here you go.

I would like to do another highlight on the flesh, but they are done for now. I may come back to that later. As soon as I finished these I base painted 3 foot artillery pieces. So I hope to have those finished this weekend.


Jay Reese said...

Good stuff, is that one fellow holding an axe?

Lead Addict said...

YEs. A pioneer. If there is such a thing as a bigger bad ass in a highland regiment, it would be that man.

Doug said...

I hope you are going to go back and paint the bagpipe ;-)

Very nice work.

Lead Addict said...

All the reference stuff I have seen had a black bag and black pipes on campaign. Is that not right. What should it be?

Essjam said...

Great work! Love the tartan plaids.

Anonymous said...

What make are the figures? Initially I thought they were Victrix but now I ma not sure.