Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ok I Lied

To you and myself. I had a 3 hr painting slot this weekend, and I filled it with...that Spanish Militia I said I didn't want to paint. And I don't think I'm gonna start any 15mm until I finish up the Spanish. I got about half done with the unit. I was flying too. I have belts, highlights on faces, hats and boxes, and finally muskets to finish.

This unit is a militia unit from 1811 that was issued dark blue trousers and coats, but no shakos, so they used their own local bell topped hats. And cheap muskets. A transitional uniform before the full British refit of the Army. It has red cuffs, white turnbacks and black hats. Should be a nice contrast to the white uniforms of the 1808 line infantry and the yellows of the Dragoons.

Since these guys were going so fast I got the Dragoons faces painted and inked at the same time. Soon canary jacketed horsemen, soon.


styx said...

Hey, painting progress is painting progress...take what you can get. That is my way of thinking!

Brummie said...

Indeed often our minds go a kilter but work done is work done!

Lead Addict said...

Sometimes, for me, that quiick break away is just what I needed. I did not want to look at that Spanish unit. Dark blue pants, jackets, blah. But the went really quick of course, and these Front Rank figs are a dream to paint.

One more line unit after this and the Spanish Infantry is done. Now that's progress!.