Thursday, December 27, 2012

A welcome package from Minibits

I always love getting aa package in the mail. Especially if its got a customs declaration on it. That can only mean one of two things. Rum or TOYS!!!!

Its too small for rum so its gotta be toys. Fun little things from Minibits. I just had to solve my hits record keeping problem for Black Powder. These dice frames and dice allow me to do a scenic base and record hits with a dice in the frame. A handy little solution. I got Red for British, Blue for French, Yellow for Spanish, and White and Black for extras (probably Portugese).

I wish the frames were a little thicker. they are very thin. If you stack two on each one, they look better. But I can live with the thin ones.

Quick Sketchup of Dice Frame on 40mm base. The base will then have casualties, shakos, fallen muskets, broken wheels, textured base and such.


styx said...

Nice! I love to get goodies in the mail also!

Scott said...

Very useful damage tracker. I have seen a few of these through the hobby blogs and they do look very effective.

Scott said...

Couldnt help but be curious - what sort of rum are you getting and from where?

Bill said...

Can we fit the smaller ones on the stands we are using for Gruntz?

Lead Addict said...

Yes we can