Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Little Gift For a Friend - Dystopian Wars Prussians

When stumped for a gift for my Brother In Law, I usually turn to painting figs for him. After the Baron, he has been the most influential gamer in my life. And one could argue, that since I met and married my wife after being introduced to her by him, he has been one of the most influential people in my life over the last 20 years. He reignited the fires of gaming when I had all but walked away as well. So I always find it rewarding to give him painted minis for Xmas.

So I bought some Dystopian Prussians (he is a Teuton through and through) and since he had not dipped his toes in that ever deepening pool, I thought I would entice him a little. Here's some pics:

Fleet Carrier. Really wish I would have had a pointed Iron Cross decal. This one is from a Fokker DVII kit I had laying around. Its a little too WWII for me.

Carrier Escorts

Tiny Flyers

the Beginnings of a nice Carrier Group

He seemed to like them. I really enjoyed the painting and I could really crank out a fleet. I have pieces of a Japanese Blazing Sun Fleet together, but need to get the rest put together. But these were fun. And I really enjoyed the flyers. Fun little sculpts, even though I hate the rediculous bases they are on. Why would you put a metal girder structure around flying models? Why not make them singles? One of the crazy Basement Generals hated them so much he cut all of them off with a jewelers saw so they could be mounted on flying bases. Bad choice Spartan, after so many good ones. Anyway, this really helped me decide where I was gonna spend my xmas money. Dystopian rules and figs, as well as Firestorm Armada rules, to go with the Albion Triumphant rules for Black Powder. Gonna be a fun year in the Workshop of Doom.

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