Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Happy to all, and to all a good Haul!

Hope all of you who celebrate the holidays have done so, survived, and enjoyed. So first to all my fine readers, I wish you all health, wealth, happiness, and TOYS!!!!!!!

Time for the annual haul report on toys that the Queen hath bestowed on me(even if I doth give her a handy linked list):

First from the good folks at GZG:

The two Aliens Mercs sets. These would go with my already painted Alien Mercs Sets for needed back up against the Human Hordes. Or they would I deal to use for Space Orcs for In The Emperors Name. I am torn. Good thing I am not painting them soon. But I love them.

I have lusted after this set since it was released. These shacks are awesome. I need to add a couple of the full size buildings and I have a nice ruff town for anything 15mm scifi.

Ahh Drones. I love them. I finally got to add the spider drones to my collection. They will be squad support drones for my Aquan Hegemony troops. Who are first on the list for painting after the Spanish are completed...maybe.
Next up is buidlings from Proxie Models. I got a nice mixture of their ruined buidlings, and generic sci fi buildings to further flesh out my 15mm games. I envision the ruins being used for Fallout style games, and the Sci Fi buildings for my Colony I am building(in my mind at least). Great m,odels that are not done very good justice by the pics on their website. If you want to see the potential of these models go to Spacejackers site(scroll down and look at his poto roll on the right side). What he is doing is amazing and really shows the potential of these very nicely done terrain pieces done by a one man shop. I have been very inspired by his work to pick these up.

Finally, the 1920's Eldrict Horror pulp rules set - Strange Aeons. I love the era, I love the literature, and I even built a few places of power for terrain. It should be a nice diversion and not much to paint.

I did get Farcry 3. It should be a real time eater. SO I want to get some painting done before I fall down that rabbit hole.

Hope you all had a great Christmas. Much love, friendship, and good wishes to all my friends(cyber and otherwise) for the coming year.


styx said...

Welcome to the Strange Aeons cult! You will love the game. I started small and my figures are growing every month. I think I am near almost 50 figures now, should be almost 100 once I get my Reaper Kickstarter!

Brummie said...

Superb Haul. I got some 15mm Exterminators from Khurasan :D

Lead Addict said...

Yes it was very nice. Merry Xmas to you Brummie.

Styx, I must say I am intrigued. and My Bones will help as well. Although I didn't buy any of the horrors or the massive Cthulhu. I have a nice collection of period minis, and some from colonials that fit right in. I like the narrative aspect of the game, and as an old Chill and Call player I think this could be a nice diversion.