Monday, December 28, 2009

Working on #8, #1, #11

So santa was very good to the ole lead addict, and came through with the Litko ITS Mega Bundle. Its all kinds of Industrial tower and walkway goodness.

So I decided to jump right in and make a huge mess in the basement and wirk on #8 from the Winter projects list: #8 Build Base for ITS Towers. I'll be making 4 of these for use with Necromunda but primarily Mutants and Death Ray Guns from Ganesha Games. Great, fun system.

What a mess
2'x2' precut MDF base with varying heights of pink insulation foam as a base. I wanted to do a canal and some drainage ditches so during combat you had obstacles to maneuver around and through and provide lots of reasons for the walkways.
you can see the canal that runs from top to bottom on this picture. also there is a ramp on the right side. It reminded me of the docks/port map from battlrefield 2142.

You can see the piling lining the canal with I beam supports, and the landing leading into the canal. This is to allow figures to have an exit point from the water without having to waste a turn climbing out , or making strength tests to haul themselves up.
Close up of the ramp. Figs prone on the ramp can get cover from the sides.
Walway across the canal. No cover. Better run!
Just a detail of how I am doing the surfaces. Thin card main surfaces, with vacu formed grid and sheet styrene details. Also some plastruct channels and t's for detailing and some dowels. Simple. I want the ITS pieces to do the talking too.
So the D&D Heroes figs(#1) is going well. Here's the first 15 completed. More glamour shots as I finish the lot of 30. I need to get some halflings. I realized I don't have any.

And here's the next lot. A barbarian lot, some more Elves, a couple of dwarves, and more humans.
And here's a sneak peak of the builds I am doing for #11 Post Apoc Rubble Buildings. I have 2 completed and painted, this one is basically detailed and ready to paint. I have 5 more after that, plus 2 big governmental buildings.

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