Monday, December 14, 2009

A little bit O RPG madness

Well maybe a lot.

I have been rebitten by RPG madness. Specifically D&D Basic and Gamma World. The Baron and myself are trying a couple of things using blogspot and available resources on the interweb to try blog roleplaying. Its going pretty good. Its slow, but thats ok.

Here's the links:

These are the two we are starting.

I also have been totally energized by the romance of the D&D basic/expert rules (red and blue) and I am also playing tabletop versions with my sons and the Baron and his son. Totally fun.

I also have been invited in by the mad chgowiz to participate in trying to see how well google wave can be used for RPG online. this should be a great experiment.

chgowiz's blog has really energized me as well.

chgowiz's website:

google wave website:

the is also something of a great idea in rpging that has probably been a round for a while, but has really come to light for me getting back into old school rpging, which is the idea of a sandbox world. and the best idea surrounding this was and idea that is known as the West Marches. A campaign that was run by the guy at the ars ludi website, Ben Robbins.

It is a totally open environment but it is different. No meta game plots, just adventure and it is player driven. The DM is just the set up guy. All rolls are done in the open, no fudging. Death abounds. But its not players vs DM its players vs environment. Its a great idea and I am using it for my new D&D campaign games. check it out if you like roleplaying.

On the painting front, I have been painting characters for D&D in 28mm. I only have about 200 siuitable models. Its been fun painting the specific characters that match the ones Baron and the Boys have been playing. I found out I need to find a female cleric for my Niece. I have about a dozen done. It has been really fun. Pics when I finish the characters.

another dozen then I will do dungeon minions. Which I have tons. I want to play on all the Skeletonkey games dungeon tiles I have.

I picked up a bunch of discount GW stuff at a discount store. I got my hands on a GW giant for practically nothing. It will be a blast to paint up and play with.

Going to start a winter project based on Bernard Corwells books. Torn between doing vikings and saxons from the warlords novels, or the late roman/arthurian briatain stuff. Got all of the lead sitting in boxes, any suggestions?

The BAron and I have also decided to base up a bunch of our painted 15mm fantasy (I'm drwoning in it, Demonworld mostly) to be played with the great BAttleLore rules. I will do a big terrain mat with hexes and 3d terrain. I t should be a lot of fun, and BattleLore is a great fun no argument game.

As always stop by the Barons site for more updates than I do, and the Basement Generals site for our gaming groups blog. since the Baron tends to be the most active, you will get some double posts on the BG site from the Barons personal site.



Happy painting and gaming over the holildays.