Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bones have arrived! - 7-3-13

Bones are here. It's all so lovely. Worth the wait!

Vampire on the bottom, with the Orcpacalypse box, giants and Monsters a plenty, plus the rediculously sized Kaladrax.

This is just the base of Kaladrax. Hot Wheel and ipad for scale.

Body of Kaladrax

and finally the head of Kaladrax.
Holy crap that thing is huge. I really just had no idea. I wanted an undead dragoon who could be the centerpiece to my 15mm Undead army and be big enough to be scary. Well, I got it. He's the size of a whole division or even army. Wow Reaper.

So no more waiting. Time to sort and start painting for October when the prepainted(thank god) Dwarven Forge Dungeon Tiles show up.


Scott said...

I look forward to seeing it painted up!

Simon Q said...

Super! Will be the business when painted up.