Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bones are sorted.

Well, the bones are sorted. Which in and of itself is no small task. But I'm an organizer when it comes to such things. So I have 4 piles. First one is dungeon dressings. there are only a few, and I put them in my box of GW bits for doing fantasy buildings and such. Second is the Chronoscope SF stuff. Not too much of that, put that in a box of unpainted plastic SF stuff.

Next is the fantasy characters. A huge pile. Adventurers, Fantasy races, good and evil. Tons to choose from for some fun one offs and building adventuring parties.

Finally, is the monsters and creatures. Orcs and goblins and undead and vermin and huge things and small things and all manner of things. The gold mine. I have been the most excited about getting these minis. I have a bunch of painted adventurers. I have a limited palette of monsters and creatures. Cant wait to dig in. Probably start with some vermin and work my way up from there.to the mighty Kaladrax.

Chris Palmer of GASLIGHT fame (one of the BG's favorite games) has put up a Blog to chronicle his efforts to paint all of his Bones. Good luck Chris! We'll be watching. I'll be posting mine here.

Hopefully some time to paint coming up soon. Good stroking everyone!


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Jay Reese said...

My pile of bones is nicely sorted in the box they arrived in! I am thinking the fire giants first.