Monday, May 20, 2013

Finally Some Painted Minis - 15mm Demonworld Empire

So finally, here are some painted minis. 15mm Demonworld Empire Cav for Hail Caesar Fantasy!

Overall Pics - Heavy Elite Cav - One huge unit. A real freight train. 5 stands. And three units of horse archer Light Cav.


I have 2 units of Medium Cav to finish to wrap up the Empire for the time being. I have a couple of blisters I would like to pick up(Pikes, Rangers, War Altar) to go with the Swordsmen and Archer Blisters I have before I finish the whole army up. Once I complete the Medium Cav I'll finish all the basing work and put the 15mm Fantasy away for a bit. A Blue and White cav unit coming up.

Thanks for Looking. 


Jon F said...

Outstanding work, Ken. Good job.

Lead Addict said...

Thanks Jon.